The Importance of Accessories

Accessorizing is a very important aspect of street style in my opinion, especially for guys. The execution of adding accessories to an outfit can elevate its aesthetics, or ruin it completely. In this blog post, I want to discuss 3 ways accessorizing has helped me enhance outfits or my lifestyle pictures.

Cartier Love BraceletThomas Sabo Obsidian BraceletMiansai Cuff Bracelet

1. Match accessories based on style.

This may sound like a given, but the idea of flexing and showing off can sometimes cloud our own judgement. Let’s be real, some of us want to buy nice things so we can flex on social media. Often times, the mistake is in poor execution – by that I mean the accessories and the outfit just don’t go together. If you are trying to enhance your outfit by accessorizing, make sure the aesthetics match. I usually prefer minimalistic accessories because they tend to have a longer lifespan and are more versatile, meaning they can be incorporated into many outfits.

Off-White “Tie-Down” Industrial Belt

2. Base your outfit around a statement piece.

Statement pieces are bold articles of clothing or accessories that are iconic and often times the most eye-catching piece being worn. With that being said, rarely should you ever be wearing more than one statement piece at a time due to how loud they are – with a few exceptions, notably Supreme (see @miho_umeboshi for reference). I personally like to accompany a bold statement piece with a more toned down look because I want to make that the main focal point with nothing else offsetting the balance. That and I don’t want to catch too much attention in public in fear of getting mugged.

FENDI Bag Bugs Leather Cardholder

3. There is no lifestyle without style.

Wallets and bags also fall under the umbrella of accessories. Putting them in lifestyle or food pictures helps add a more human element to the composition. You can say this is a very “basic bitch” way of capturing lifestyle, I won’t (and can’t) deny that, but it is proven to work. Coffee pictures, if not taken stylistically, is just an overdone picture with a boring subject – I believe by incorporating an accessory into the shot, it gives my audience a glimpse of what my style was at the time of that photo.

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